Activity and mission

Services for large motors and electric generators

Our target is to fix our customer problem by a deep understanding of the situation and a root-cause analysis of the issue.

Our workshops are equipped with update technologies for diagnostic and troubleshooting.

We are equipped with a large oven (3,5 m large x 6 m high x 5 m deep) able to treat large motors and generators and granting precise thermal cycles.

Our dynamic balancing machine CEMB can balance components up to 15 ton and it is used also to provide balancing services to third parties.

On our test bench we can test all kind of electric rotating machines at the nominal speed on horizontal and vertical axis configuration.

We can test synchronous generators at nominal voltage with the AVR installed on the generator as well as with separate exciter systems.

We have a strong focus for on-site services, and we are equipped with all the necessary instrumentations and tools that allow our engineers to assist our customers during the commissioning and the start-up of their motors and generators after the maintenance activities. (laser, movable balancing units, vibration detectors, network analyzers, portable exciter units, instruments for electric diagnostic)

Our values

Quality and Competence

Our target is always to achieve the maximum result on each activity we perform , thank to a solid team able to deploy its best professional and personal skills.

This is our way to respect ours Customers.

Ethics and reliability

We know only direct communication and we perform all our tasks with transparency and integrity. We feel yours motors and generators as ours.

Experience and engagement

To have initiative is our way of thinking: we invest in start up e we cooperate with prestigious universities. Our results are starting points for new challenges.